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9-jun-2013: Circus Renz comes to town

27-may-2012: Trip to Switzerland

24-april-2012: Construction work

27-may-2012: Added some more pictures
7-jun-2012: And some more — the roof in on now
18-jun-1012: New updates

19-april-2012: Easter eggs and spring fun

24-april-2012: Updated, added some more pictures

14-mar-2012: Winter fun & Hugo's 1st birthday

30-aug-2011: Random pictures of David & Hugo

12-dec-2011: Updated, summer is over

4-aug-2011: Pictures of Hugo

Hugo is already six months old! Here's a selection of pictures featuring our little hero. Hope you like them.

8-aug-2011: Updated, new photos!

26-feb-2011: Papi et mami viennent admirer Hugo

25-jan-2011: Hugo's first photo album

Here are some of the very first pictures of Hugo! He is drinking well and already gaining weight. He loves taking baths too.

30-jan-2011: Updated, new photos!
18-feb-2011: Another update

21-jan-2011: Hugo is born

Today at 07:48 in the morning our son Hugo was born. Mother and baby are in great shape. We are very happy!

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