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20-jun-2010: Ouwehands Dierenpark

The weather predictions were terrible, and the Dutch team was playing but we went to the zoo. It turned out a nice day after all and the restaurant had a large TV screen :)

22-apr-2010: Spring is in the air

Now that the temperatures are a bit more agreeable, it's time to go outside, enjoy the sun, work in the garden, and play in the new sandbox!

5-may-2010: Updated, David's first spare ribs dinner
17-may-2010: Updated with pictures of last trip to Switzerland

10-mar-2010: How is life for David?

A quick update; David has his first 'real' pair of shoes!

25-mar-2010: Update, David's first driving lessons!

4-feb-2010: Winter pictures, 2010

Some photos taken in Januari and Februari, so: outside mostly in the snow, but inside it's nice and warm. David enjoys playing with his pet zoo, but wild games are never boring him either.

25-feb-2010: Updated with pictures from Switzerland!

20-dec-2009: Winter fun!

12-nov-2009: Random pictures

A collection of photos taken recently. David is stands on his own two feet. Briefly :-) But it won't be long before he starts walking. He's a happy little boy, but we think the photos speak for themselves.

Last updated: November 16th

20-oct-2009: David's first birthday

It's been a year already. Amazing how fast the time has passed. It has been a year worth remembering. Meanwhile, David has four teeth, sleeps through the nights (much appreciated) and eats anything except fruits.

19-jul-2009: Summer time

A collection of summer impressions so far. In the mean time, David had his first tooth, and he can sit well enough to take him on short bike rides. And he loves the pool.

Last updated: September 4th

27-apr-2009: Half a year old

Wow, the first six months have passed already ... and it seems David is still changing every day. He can now sit in his chair (at least for a short while). He's eating fruit and vegetables, can roll over (and back). He's really starting to interact with you, and he loves baby swimming :)

Last updated: May 10th

12-mar-2009: Mjamjamjam

David is growing fast and likes to taste everything he can touch.

Last updated: March 16th

25-jan-2009: I'm three months old

Time to celebrate! Last updated: February 15th

26-dec-2008: My first Xmas

Xmas It's Christmas, and since David is too young for the trip to Switzerland, Switserland has come to us in the form of Carole's parents.

Last updated: January 25th

6-december-2008: Sinterklaas

Sint Once again, Sinterklaas paid us a visit and left us lots of gifts and brilliant (ahem) poems.

Unfortunately, nobody was taken back to Spain ;-)

23-nov-2008: A new month, a new photo album

David is now one month old, and we believe a new month deserves a new photo album. Once again, click on any of the pictures to see the album, and come back often because we will try to add new photos every couple of days.

Last updated: December 26th

7-nov-2008: Some more baby photos

David is doing great and changing every day, so we don't stop taking pictures!

22-oct-2008: First photos

Click for the whole album ...

20-oct-2008: David!

Today, at 3:36 in the morning, our son David was born! Mother and baby are in good heatlh. Come back soon for more photos...

6-aug-2007: An impression of a cat's life

They say a cat sleeps 20 hours a day. I think that's a conservative estimate.

Here's an impression of the daily "activities" of our cat Lulu. OK, she's 12 years old now, so about 65 in human years, and I guess she's enjoying her retirement.

5-aug-2007: Finally some nice summer days

Yeah! Finally the right temperatures to hit the terras and have a white bear in the sun :-) And make some bike trips, look at the wildlife, ...

Finally we have a proper digital camera as well, just the excuse we needed to update this site a little.

28-jan-2007: House update

House Sometime in december last year the new furniture finally arrived. This allowed us to put various objects in their final place, and put some things on the wall. And of coure we could finally unpack the last boxes that remained after the moving, so this place is finally becoming our place. Have a look!.

10-oct-2006: Status of the new house

We've been living here for almost two months now, but we're still surrounded by boxes. Our previous house had cupboards in the walls, but the new one doesn't. So we're severely short on storage space. New furniture has been ordered, but takes 3 to 4 months to be delevered. In the meantime, stuff stays in boxes, or in improvised cupboards. Not the sort of scene you want to show off to your friends ... Do not despair, there will be a proper house warming in the end! Until then, here's some pictures of our new house.

22~24-sep-2006: Roadtrip

Horse trailer Went on a roadtrip this weekend, came home with a Predator rack, a Crimson, an Onyx2 and assorted other goodies. This was in Austria, so about 820km from where we live, and with a trailer you don't want to take the mountain pass in between so I opted for the 80km detour. So, about 1800km in 2 days. I wanted to take the Predator rack upright, but didn't want to rent a van (500EUR/weekend) so I opted for a horse trailer. The guy said it was often used by people that were moving. He forgot to say it was also used for horses so it smelled like horse piss...

unloaded Anyway, looks like I'll have enough to keep me busy (and warm Laughing this winter). I undertand both the Crimson and the Predator have some 'issues' but I have enough spares and systems to tackle this one systematically, I hope.

I intend to bring this stuff back to full operational status, bit by bit and you'll hear from me if I run into problems. It might take a while because spares are rather rare...

21-sep-2006: Trip to the zoo

It's been almost a month now, but the pictures are good anyways...

Trip to the zoo

18-sep-2006: New friends

Just discovered we have a family of hedgehogs in the back garden. So far we've seen one of the parents plus three youngsters. They don't seem to be afraid of the camera ...
Young hedgehogs

See more in the album