photos:Inside of a PowerSeries power supply

SGI 4D Deskside power supply, PowerOne model

Some pictures taken while cleaning and fixing this old beast. This one didn't start anymore because the fan didn't spin due to a corroded contact. Apparently it monitors the current because there's no tacho signal.

The SGI PowerSeries and Crimsons came with two different types of power supplies. This is the original "silver" PowerOne model. Latersystems, mostly Crimsons, came with a Cherokee power supply. The latter is a less modular, much cheaper construction and was likely an attempt to save money. Both power supplies have the same output rating:

  • +5V: 170A
  • -5V: 5A
  • +12V: 16A
  • -12V: 7A
Inside with both power modules removed
Date: 2007:02:12 19:41:18
A look at the backplane
Date: 2007:02:12 19:42:41
The backplane of the PowerOne supply
Date: 2007:02:12 19:47:51
The first stage turns AC into 300V DC
Date: 2007:02:12 19:55:41
The 5V module. This one is capable of 170A!
Date: 2007:02:12 19:57:29
The +12V, -12V and -5V module
Date: 2007:02:12 19:58:25
First stage installed into the enclosure
Date: 2007:02:12 20:08:37
Backplane installed again, fan reconnected
Date: 2007:02:12 20:14:40
Both power modules installed
Date: 2007:02:12 20:17:36
A look at the terminal panel
Date: 2007:02:12 20:26:39
The label
Date: 2007:02:12 20:28:07
Fully reassembled
Date: 2007:02:12 20:28:53
Too bad this warning isn't visible
when the power supply is installed in the systemDate: 2007:02:12 20:29:28
Output ratings
Date: 2007:02:12 20:30:09
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