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SGI stuff

I've got a collection of about 20 or so SGI's. One day I'll make a website for 'em, but for now there's only a bunch of pictures.

For sale

For all systems: contact me (j.j.vanderHeijden at gmail.com) for pics or questions.


15-may-2011: all Onyx2's are sold.
  • Onyx2 deskside with quad 250MHz CPUs, 2GB RAM and IR2 graphics. sold

  • 'Rackmount' Onyx2: this is basically an Onyx2 without wheelbase and plastic skins, but with a rackmount kit and metal front skin. Can supply many configurations: refer to parts available below.
    System comes loaded with IRIX 6.5.30, MIPSpro 7.4.4 compilers and "Onyx2: as good as it gets" demos. The 19" rack is not included.

    Location: Wijchen, The Netherlands. sold


Many Origin2000 / Onyx2 parts for sale. Everything tested and good.
  • Dual 400MHz R12000 PIMM only!
  • GE16-4 Geometry engines. sold
  • RM9 Raster managers. sold
  • DG5-2/GVO (DG5 with two display channels and frame synchronous SDI video output)
  • DG5-8 (Remark: channel #7 is broken, so this one fails 'irsaudit', otherwise good). sold
  • DIVO cards (dual channel SDI input/output)
  • IO6-G's: base + multimedia IO board
  • L1 system controlers
  • Null-router boards
  • Fan trays. sold
  • Power supplies
  • Backplanes
  • Harddisks and sleds
  • RAM: 256MB kits and 512MB kits

Many Indy/Indigo/Indigo2 spares available. Contact me for details.

  • Crimson CPU boards (IP17), 100MHz R4000: 50 EUR, or two for 75EUR
  • CPU's
  • Memory kits for O2: 256MB in 8x 32MB DIMM's
  • Memory for Indigo2, Indy or Indigo
  • Disk sleds
  • SCSI CD-ROM's, internal or external
  • etc. etc.
Rackmount Onyx2 (front)

Rackmount Onyx2 (back)

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