photos:Inside of the 4D/380 Predator rack

Some photos of my newly acquired SGI 4D/380 VGX Predator rack. They were mostly taken to help my put the thing back together when I'm done verifying the functional status of it's boards. The Predator has 8 33MHz R3000 CPU's, a 10span VGX graphics pipe, a VideoLab option for professional digital video I/O, FDDI (100Mb/s fibre) and a dual channel IPI adapter.
Connector panel
Date: 2006:09:26 18:07:36
Panel opened
Date: 2006:09:26 18:09:07
IO3, 4x IP7, and an MC2
Date: 2006:09:26 18:10:06
Power Meter
Date: 2006:09:26 18:12:43
Video IO, IPI ports
Date: 2006:09:26 18:12:56
What are the P2 and P3 ports for?
Date: 2006:09:26 18:13:18
Date: 2006:09:26 18:13:33
Cable spaghetti
Date: 2006:09:26 18:15:18
Partly removed spaghetti
Date: 2006:09:26 18:16:58
SCSI box.
DD50 connectors are the same as IPI (?)Date: 2006:09:26 18:20:06
VO1 video board.
Plugs into the VGXDate: 2006:09:26 18:35:49
How the VO1 is wired
Date: 2006:09:26 18:36:02
Damaged IC ?
Date: 2006:09:26 18:36:10
Hope it's not a problem...
Date: 2006:09:26 18:36:23
View of the fan tray
Date: 2006:09:26 18:39:25
SCSI cable.
Again a DD50 like connector.Date: 2006:09:26 18:41:22
Most of the guts have been removed
Date: 2006:09:26 18:42:41
A look at the IPI disk panel
Date: 2006:09:26 18:43:25
Disk tray, for 8" disks
Date: 2006:09:26 18:46:31
Disk tray,
with Seagate Sabre V 2HP disk.Date: 2006:09:26 18:48:13
Four IP7 CPU boards.
Date: 2006:09:26 21:08:09
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