photos:Some updates: New Onyx, old Onyx2
Onyx2 'Reality': For sale!
Date: 2007:01:28 16:25:27
It has: R10k@180MHz,... RAM, 'Reality' gfx.
And a broken power supplyDate: 2007:01:28 16:26:06
Left to right:
Blank, CPU, GE14-2, RM8, blank, DG5-2Date: 2007:01:28 16:27:26
My new Onyx
IP25 w. quad R10k, 2GB RAM, Reality Engine2 with 4*RM4, ATM and dual 100Mb options.Date: 2007:01:28 16:29:33
Onyx, Crimson and Predator rack
Just in case you thought a deskside was big ...Date: 2007:01:28 16:30:47
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