photos:Various FDDI parts

Some pictures of FDDI gear
Power Indigo2
FDDIXPress (SAS) in lower slot, Extreme gfx in upperDate: 2007:02:27 23:44:53
IBM 8244 FDDI concentrator
Upper two ports are one DAS connection, lower 10 are SAS to workstationsDate: 2007:02:27 23:45:31
FDDI (DAS) connectors on 4D/440 VGX
The actual connection is SAS and wired to the right (B) keyDate: 2007:02:27 23:47:14
A view of the wiring of the bulkheads
FDDI 'ipg' board in VME slot 1, and a SCSI 'jag' controller in slot 2Date: 2007:02:27 23:48:15
More detailed view of FDDI wiring
Date: 2007:02:27 23:49:28
How the bulkheads are wired up
Top to bottom: TX(A), RX(B), TX(B), RX(A)Date: 2007:02:27 23:49:47
The Interphase V/FDDI board
All jumpers in default positionsDate: 2007:02:27 23:52:27
Indy FDDIXPress boards, both SAS
modified with ST connectors (left) and original SC connectors (right)Date: 2007:02:28 00:14:07
A view of the modifications
of the Indy FDDIXPress boardDate: 2007:02:28 00:16:58
62.5/125 multimode FDDI cable
with MIC and ST (barjonet) connectorsDate: 2007:02:28 00:15:11
62.5/125 multimode FDDI cable
with SC and MIC connectorsDate: 2007:02:28 00:15:38
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