photos:Some of the SGI hardware in the house
Indigo R4400 Elan, Indy XZ, Indy XL24, Challenge S, 4D/440, 4D/35 TG, Indigo2 Extreme, Power Indigo2 Extreme, R10k MaxImpact, R10k SolidImpactDate: 2007:02:28 00:04:13
More of the same
Date: 2007:02:28 00:04:55
Other side of the room
Linux file/webserver, O2 R10k, Octane R12k, PCDate: 2007:02:28 00:06:14
And again
PC, SGI2100Date: 2007:02:28 00:07:36
Date: 2007:02:28 00:10:36
Spare parts
cables, fibre, tapes ....Date: 2007:02:28 00:11:15
And more
not all of that is SGI, btw.Date: 2007:02:28 00:11:26
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