photos:Seagate ST81154K
Dual female IPI2 connectors
If you look careful, you see there's a screw stuck in the bottom of the channel0 connector.Date: 2007:06:30 17:33:37
Cable on port0
I know it goes there, because one of the screws is brokenDate: 2007:06:30 17:34:46
The actual disk front panel.
The disk occupies half a 3 or 4U 19" trayDate: 2007:06:30 17:36:59
The disk in all it's glory.
It has it's own 220V supply in the front.Date: 2007:06:30 17:38:26
Label on the power supply
Date: 2007:06:30 17:39:42
Label on the disk
Date: 2007:06:30 17:39:56
Connectors on the back
Date: 2007:06:30 17:43:01
I have two cables
and one terminatorDate: 2007:06:30 17:47:57
Front panel.
You ma have to press 'start' to fire up the diskDate: 2007:06:30 17:53:20
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