photos:Broadcast Video Option for the 4D/440VGX

Found in a recently acquired system: BVO video option. A daughter card for VGX graphics which allowed a composite analog output, plus allowed genlocking the graphics to a NTSC or PAL input. No API or library, configured via setmon(1G) and a supplied tool. Internally referred to as EV1 (which, confusingly, was also the internal name for Galileo).
Date: 2007:05:12 14:08:29
(top): Alpha R/G/B out, Monitor Sync out, Monitor R/G/B out
(bottom): Genlock R/G/B in, Genlock in/out, Composite and S-Video outDate: 2007:05:12 14:08:51
All connectors of the DG1 are wired now
Date: 2007:05:12 14:13:24
Created with the tool album script a Marginal Hack written by Dave Madison on Sat Jan 8 20:54:05 2011